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Enter your postal code or city, state to find a hearth professional near you. A dealer or distributor can help you with sales, service and support. The concrete option is great of course, but it doesnt have to be poured-in-place, which is costly and usually more challenging to install. We specialize in creating pre-cast custom design fireplaces, including thin concrete tiles & cladding, to create some stunning surrounds, that can be bold, sleek, modern & timeless! Its not unusual for squirrels, birds and other animals to get into the chimney and to plug it. Cover its top with a wire - mesh cap. Except for the yearly cleaning, inspect the chimney for cracks and damages. Look for lose bricks and other areas that might require repairs. The traditional yahoo s are either made out of bricks or stone. This is what usually comes to the mind of most people when they think of a fireplace. Generally built - in fireplaces are not used as a primary heating source, but they can surely make the chilly winter night more pleasant. Fireplace inserts are similar to the built -in ones. They need to be installed in the already existing firebox. However, it saves more energy than the typical brick fireplace. Plus, it will definitely make a difference when you receive your bill at the end of the month. Why Does My Fireplace Smoke
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Affordable Outdoor Fireplaces From Belgard

Download fireplace Screen Saver with 3D animated fireplace and crackling fire sound to transform your computer screen or widescreen plasma TV into one of the best animated virtual fireplace Screen Savers. Free Screen Saver downloads are available for Windows 7/8/Vista/XP. I dragged the mantel into place-ish (Linus assisted), just to get a sense of how it would look and feel. Even though this thing is quite a bit newer than my house, I feel like it plays really nicely with our moldings. As you can tell from the floor patch, its about a foot or so wider than what was here originally, which is something I sort of fretted over before deciding to just go with. I really didnt want to get into trying to hack the mantel down to the right” size (I liked the proportions of it as-is), and I really liked the idea of using this mantel in particular because I had it, I didnt have to pay for it, and I liked the whole story behind it. Something new or salvaged just wouldnt have held the same meaning to me. Unfortunately, this plaster wall was just beyond the point of trying to salvage. The plaster had separated a lot from the lath, it had some very significant cracks, and had undergone some failed repair attempts over the years with lots and lots of joint compound but nothing (like mesh tape, plaster buttons, or screening) to stabilize the plaster from further shifting. Even though I want to save as much of the original plaster walls in the house as possible, the best course of action here was to just start over, so thats what I did! Since new 1/2″ drywall wouldnt match the original depth of the plaster walls, I experimented with reusing the original lath strips, this time nailed directly onto the wall framing. I could have also just left all of google the lath in place, but Id already taken it down and this allowed me to still salvage the bulk of it for some other use down the road. I have no idea what to do with all my lath, but Ill come up with something! Putting up the new drywall was no big thing. Since the underlying framing wasnt very smooth, the drywall wasnt either—but I had a plan! I actually wanted it to be a little irregular to mimic the look of the other plaster walls. Learning to make a Stone Fire place